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13/02/2017 CERN expands its cloud with OpenStack

The European centre for particle physics research continues to strengthen its calculation infrastructure on OpenStack, preparing to add some 100,000 calculation cores along with bare metal services.

05/01/2017 OroCRM and OroPlatform 2.0

The team developing OroCRM open source customer relationship management has just unveiled the functionalities for the 2.0 version’s major update. What they are delivering: the first landmark stage for integrating the OroCommerce solution with the B2B eCommerce platform and improved interoperability of the platform’s solutions.

27/10/2016 Very blurry role for open source software in the Administration

At a time when the phrase, “public policy evaluation”, has never been so popular, the French Minister of Economy and Finance is struggling to assess the impact of the Ayrault Circular Letter on open source software.

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