13/02/2017 CERN expands its cloud with OpenStack

05/01/2017 OroCRM and OroPlatform 2.0

27/10/2016 Very blurry role for open source software in the Administration

10/10/2016 Open source: Report on employment in Europe

26/09/2016 WordPress still the top target of cyberattacks

08/09/2016 Feedback on DevOps

26/06/2016 According to one commissioner of the CNIL (National Computing and Freedom Commission): free software is the "only viable alternative"

16/06/2016 The INSEE and the DREES share the code for the Ines model

24/05/2016 Recruiters looking for open source skill sets

19/05/2016 Linux scheduler found inadequate !

29/04/2016 French Senate decides not to prioritize open source software (either)

26/04/2016 ODF format recommended by DINSIC for public administrations

19/04/2016 Save the date: Open Source Innovation Spring 2016

13/04/2016 Google considering adopting Swift for Android

20/07/2015 Firefox OS: Mozilla announces version 2.5

16/07/2015 French State injects close to €11 million in the OpenPaas project

01/06/2015 DISIC encourages contributions to open source software, proprietary vendors are up in arms

28/05/2015 WordPress acquires WooCommerce

19/05/2015 Maarch Courrier 1.5

27/04/2015 Open source software: adoption is growing, but...

15/04/2015 Docker raises $95M for its containers

31/03/2015 India: Open source now compulsory in government administrations

24/03/2015 An open source solution for government archives

09/03/2015 Release of Xen Orchestra 3.7

26/02/2015 BeezNest announces Chamilo LMS v1.9.10

09/02/2015 Zend Announces Z-Ray for Magento

20/01/2015 University of Paris 8 replaces Photoshop with Krita

06/01/2015 2015 diary: two European events on virtualization

29/12/2014 EU invests €1 million in an open source security audit

18/06/2014 Interview: Novius OS Elche: Putting page layout in the hands of functional teams

11/06/2014 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 stable

05/06/2014 eXo Platform among the “20 contemporary enterprise collaboration tools” according to ZDNet

02/06/2014 Drupal: $50 million invested in Acquia

27/05/2014 Digital Media Library in Drupal Using the Scald Module - An interview with Sylvain Moreau, Open Web Solutions

27/05/2014 Open source on the rise in Vienna

26/05/2014 Netherlands financing contributions to Apache CXF

19/05/2014 TYPO3 CMS 6.2: Questions answered about the latest features

16/05/2014 OpenERP – now Odoo – raises $10 million

15/05/2014 OpenERP becomes Odoo!

06/05/2014 WordPress: Automattic’s fund-raising hits $160 million

02/05/2014 Joomla 3.3: what’s new

30/04/2014 Jedox 5.1: the latest developments

23/04/2014 Jahia: one of the “20 most promising content management solutions”

18/04/2014 Open source code quality on the rise, proprietary code quality on the decline

18/04/2014 WordPress: more than $100 million raised for Automattic?

14/02/2014 The latest advancements regarding open source solutions

11/02/2014 Novius OS: Dubrovka's new features

11/02/2014 Gradle version 1.11 released

10/02/2014 BuddyPress 1.9.2: What's new?

10/02/2014 Akeneo: new features of release candidate 1

07/02/2014 LemonLDAP::NG 1.3.2: Discover the improvements

07/02/2014 OpenCms: Improvements of version 9.0.1

05/02/2014 Apache Tomcat 8.0.1 (beta): the changes in relation to version 7 and 8.0.0 RC10

05/02/2014 Zimbra Collaboration: patch releases for versions 8.x and 7.x

04/02/2014 Automattic becomes a Corporate Member of the MariaDB foundation

04/02/2014 CMS Made Simple 2.0: the new features of the beta version

03/02/2014 Couchbase Lite for Android: Beta 2 released

31/01/2014 UK government in favor of adopting the OpenDocument format

29/01/2014 PhoneGap / Cordova 3.3.0: Android KitKat support and other new features

28/01/2014 NetBSD releases 4 patches: 6.1.3, 6.0.4, 5.2.2 and 5.1.4

24/01/2014 The latest open source developments (applications)

24/01/2014 Development and intermediate layers / infrastructure: the latest advancements

23/01/2014 OroCRM 1.0.0: planned features for release candidate 1

22/01/2014 Razuna 1.6.2: new features

22/01/2014 MODX Revolution 2.2.11: security updates and the prevention of loss of unsaved changes

21/01/2014 Piwik nominated for an Awwward in "best website" category

21/01/2014 Stable version of FreeBSD 10.0 released

21/01/2014 MariaDB Enterprise 1.0 released

17/01/2014 Apache Hadoop "only platform suited" to the giants of the web according to InfoWorld

14/01/2014 WordPress founder becomes head of Automattic

13/01/2014 Ubuntu 12.04: more secure than Windows and MacOS according to study

10/01/2014 OpenNebula 4.6: users asked to contribute ideas

10/01/2014 Open source solutions: the latest developments

09/01/2014 Kaltura recognised by medias in 2013

08/01/2014 DotNetNuke 7.2 : responsive design skin, revised SQL module...

07/01/2014 Repositories on the GitHub platform have doubled in 2013

06/01/2014 Red Hat : financial results exceed expectations

20/12/2013 Nuxeo 5.9.1 : Mule ESB Connector and an iOS SDK

19/12/2013 SpagoBI 4.1 : Self-service BI, décisionnel cartographique...

17/12/2013 Double recognition for Hippo CMS

17/12/2013 Gradle 1.10: new features

17/12/2013 BuddyPress 1.9 "Sammy": improved notifications, context aware navigation menus...

16/12/2013 Symfony editor, SensioLabs, earns 5 million euros in fundraising

13/12/2013 Magento elected best eCommerce solution 2013 by CMS Critic

12/12/2013 "Internet for Everything" framework released by AllSeen Alliance

11/12/2013 Nginx is now the number two webserver, ahead of Microsoft-IIS

10/12/2013 WordPress 3.8: Nearly stable

10/12/2013 Court case could lead to the death of software patents

06/12/2013 CiviCRM 4.4.3: What's new?

04/12/2013 PrestaShop 1.6: focus on the new front-office

02/12/2013 RBS Change 4: the first public beta version is on GitHub

29/11/2013 Moodle Mobile ranked as one of the top education applications by Google Play for Education

28/11/2013 Open source developers should be better trained in legal matters, according to the Linux Foundation

28/11/2013 Bribe.io: a new open source platform to bribe developers to fix open source software bugs

28/11/2013 Umbraco 7: new features of the back office

27/11/2013 Which projects were awarded by the OW2 ?

25/11/2013 OpenCms 9: new technical and functional features

21/11/2013 Snort beta : What’s new?

21/11/2013 Open source, an asset for start ups according to Amazon

20/11/2013 Magento Enterprise edition What improvements have been made ?

18/11/2013 Crowdhoster.com: the Wordpress of crowdfunding?

18/11/2013 Chef Client 11.8.0 : local mode and new SSL verification settings

14/11/2013 The open source image editor GIMP leaves SourceForge

14/11/2013 Alfresco 4.2: discover the new technical and functional features

13/11/2013 Jaspersoft 5.5 : what's new?

12/11/2013 Interview : Ametys 3.5 et 3.6 : more ergonomic and user friendly

12/11/2013 eZ Publish elected " best CMS for small and medium sized companies» by CMS Critic

07/11/2013 Cisco to release an open source version of H.264 Codec to better counter Google

31/10/2013 Opigno, ClarolineConnect... the open source e-learning platform

29/10/2013 Joomla 3.2: discover what is new

28/10/2013 How to contribute to an open source project without being a developer?

25/10/2013 SuiteCRM, the open source fork of SugarCRM developed by SalesAgility

21/10/2013 Nginx Inc gains $ 10 million in fundraising

18/10/2013 A downloadable version of Ghost is now available to the public

15/10/2013 Interview : Akeneo, an ergonomic and extendable PIM solution for cross-channel retailers

14/10/2013 Firefox OS targets emerging markets but should "gradually move up market"

11/10/2013 Open source projects: Google offers big rewards for the development of significant security patches

10/10/2013 Zend launches Apigility, an API builder

08/10/2013 Liferay named as leader in Gartner’s “Magic Quadrant” for horizontal portals

03/10/2013 Wordpress 3.7 Beta 1: new features

01/10/2013 Most popular open-source projects hosted at GitHub

27/09/2013 Focus on recent evolutions in open source software

25/09/2013 RBS Change 4 : first interview on the future version of the e-commerce open source CMS

25/09/2013 The end of Windows XP support: Munich is invited to use Ubuntu

20/09/2013 GNU system celebrates 30 years

18/09/2013 Choose a license easily with choosealicense.com

16/09/2013 WordPress 3.6.1 is now available

13/09/2013 OroCRM: the roadmap unveiled

11/07/2013 CeCILL license recognised by the Open Source Initiative

25/06/2013 CMSday, meet the best in open source CMS

25/04/2013 Alfresco Workdesk : a new case management solution